Jaipur-Delhi Cab has the cheapest rate for Innova, Dezire, ITEOS & other taxi fare in Jaipur. Jaipur-Delhi cab  provides a facility to Book on-line taxi service in Jaipur. People can easily book Taxi in Jaipur. Jaipur-Delhi Cab also provides Taxi for sightseeing, You can book Jaipur taxi on-line for sightseeing . People can book a Cab to visit anywhere in Jaipur or any other City or States. Cab booking facility available in Jaipur to visits various places like City Palace, Jal-Mahal etc. in Jaipur. It is the best cab service in Jaipur Rajasthan.

Select City to check the Fare/Rate List. Toll charges, Airport Parking extra as applicable.

Agra Ajmer Delhi Delhi Airport Gurgaon Jaipur Jaisalmer Jodhpur Kota Noida Pushkar Udaipur Udaipur Airport Other's


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
AgraDelhiAC SedanOne WayRs. 3999
AgraDelhiAC SUVOne WayRs. 4999
AgraDelhi AirportAC SUVOne WayRs. 4799
AgraDelhi AirportAC SedanOne WayRs. 3799


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
AjmerAgraAC SUVOne WayRs. 7999
AjmerAgraAC SedanOne WayRs. 7599
AjmerDelhiAC SedanOne WayRs. 7299
AjmerDelhiAC SUVOne WayRs. 7799
AjmerDelhiAC HatchbackOne WayRs. 5399
AjmerDelhi AirportAC SedanOne WayRs. 5499
AjmerDelhi AirportAC SUVOne WayRs. 6899
AjmerGhaziabadAC SedanOne WayRs. 6599
AjmerGhaziabadAC SUVOne WayRs. 8599
AjmerGurgaonAC SUVOne WayRs. 5499
AjmerGurgaonAC SedanOne WayRs. 5999
AjmerJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 2500
AjmerJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 2900
AjmerNoidaAC SedanOne WayRs. 7500
AjmerNoidaAC SUVOne WayRs. 8900
AjmerUdaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 5500
AjmerUdaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 6500


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
DelhiAgraAC SedanOne WayRs. 3299
DelhiAgraAC SUVOne WayRs. 3699
DelhiAjmerAC SedanOne WayRs. 4599
DelhiAjmerAC SUVOne WayRs. 5999
DelhiJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 2999
DelhiJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 3999
DelhiMathuraAC SedanOne WayRs. 2999
DelhiMathuraAC SUVOne WayRs. 3999
DelhiMumbaiAC SUVOne WayRs. 29999
DelhiMumbaiAC SedanOne WayRs. 21999
DelhiPushkarAC SUVOne WayRs. 7599
DelhiPushkarAC SedanOne WayRs. 5999
DelhiUdaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 8599
DelhiUdaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 10999

Delhi Airport

Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
Delhi AirportAgraAC SedanOne WayRs. 3199
Delhi AirportAgraAC SUVOne WayRs. 4199
Delhi AirportAjmerAC SedanOne WayRs. 5499
Delhi AirportAjmerAC SUVOne WayRs. 6999
Delhi AirportJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 2999
Delhi AirportJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 3999
Delhi AirportMathuraAC SedanOne WayRs. 3299
Delhi AirportMathuraAC SUVOne WayRs. 4299
Delhi AirportPushkarAC SedanOne WayRs. 5799
Delhi AirportPushkarAC SUVOne WayRs. 6999
Delhi AirportUdaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 8999
Delhi AirportUdaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 10999
Delhi AirportVrindavanAC SUVOne WayRs. 4599
Delhi AirportVrindavanAC SedanOne WayRs. 3599


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
GurgaonAgraAC SUVOne WayRs. 4499
GurgaonAgraAC SedanOne WayRs. 3499
GurgaonJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 2899
GurgaonJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 3899


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
JaipurAgraAC SedanOne WayRs. 4999
JaipurAgraAC SUVOne WayRs. 5999
JaipurAjmerAC SUVOne WayRs. 2699
JaipurAjmerAC SedanOne WayRs. 1999
JaipurBhilwaraAC SedanOne WayRs. 3999
JaipurBhilwaraAC SUVOne WayRs. 5399
JaipurDelhiAC SUVOne WayRs. 3999
JaipurDelhiAC SedanOne WayRs. 2999
JaipurDelhiAC HatchbackOne WayRs. 2899
JaipurDelhi AirportAC SedanOne WayRs. 2899
JaipurDelhi AirportAC SUVOne WayRs. 3899
JaipurGhaziabadAC SedanOne WayRs. 4499
JaipurGhaziabadAC SUVOne WayRs. 5499
JaipurGurgaonAC SUVOne WayRs. 3899
JaipurGurgaonAC SedanOne WayRs. 2899
JaipurJaisalmerAC HatchbackOne WayRs. 7999
JaipurJaisalmerAC SedanOne WayRs. 8699
JaipurJaisalmerAC SUVOne WayRs. 9899
JaipurJodhpurAC SUVOne WayRs. 5999
JaipurJodhpurAC SedanOne WayRs. 4999
JaipurKotaAC HatchbackOne WayRs. 4699
JaipurKotaAC SedanOne WayRs. 4499
JaipurKotaAC SUVOne WayRs. 5399
JaipurKumbalgarhAC SUVOne WayRs. 7799
JaipurKumbalgarhAC SedanOne WayRs. 6299
JaipurNoidaAC SedanOne WayRs. 4499
JaipurNoidaAC SUVOne WayRs. 5999
JaipurPushkarAC SedanOne WayRs. 2199
JaipurPushkarAC SUVOne WayRs. 2999
JaipurRanthamboreAC SedanOne WayRs. 4499
JaipurUdaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 5799
JaipurUdaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 6399


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
JaisalmerJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 8999
JaisalmerJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 10199
JaisalmerJaipurAC HatchbackOne WayRs. 8599
JaisalmerJodhpurAC SedanOne WayRs. 4499
JaisalmerJodhpurAC SUVOne WayRs. 5399
JaisalmerKhimsarAC SUVOne WayRs. 6999
JaisalmerUdaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 7999
JaisalmerUdaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 10999


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
JodhpurAhmedabadAC SUVOne WayRs. 10999
JodhpurAhmedabadAC SedanOne WayRs. 7599
JodhpurAjmerAC SUVOne WayRs. 5499
JodhpurAjmerAC SedanOne WayRs. 4499
JodhpurJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 4699
JodhpurJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 5499
JodhpurJaisalmerAC SUVOne WayRs. 5499
JodhpurJaisalmerAC SedanOne WayRs. 4799
JodhpurUdaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 4999
JodhpurUdaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 3999
JodhpurUdaipur AirportAC SedanOne WayRs. 4499
JodhpurUdaipur AirportAC SUVOne WayRs. 5499


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
KotaJaipurAC HatchbackOne WayRs. 4499
KotaJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 4799
KotaJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 4999


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
NoidaAgraAC SUVOne WayRs. 4599
NoidaAgraAC SedanOne WayRs. 3599
NoidaJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 5699
NoidaJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 4899


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
PushkarDelhiAC SedanOne WayRs. 5699
PushkarDelhiAC SUVOne WayRs. 7599
PushkarDelhi AirportAC SedanOne WayRs. 4999
PushkarDelhi AirportAC SUVOne WayRs. 6999
PushkarJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 2199
PushkarJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 3399


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
UdaipurAhmedabadAC SedanOne WayRs. 3999
UdaipurAhmedabadAC SUVOne WayRs. 5499
UdaipurAjmerAC SedanOne WayRs. 4999
UdaipurAjmerAC SUVOne WayRs. 5999
UdaipurBhilwaraAC SedanOne WayRs. 3999
UdaipurBhilwaraAC SUVOne WayRs. 4899
UdaipurDelhi AirportAC SedanOne WayRs. 8599
UdaipurDelhi AirportAC SUVOne WayRs. 12999
UdaipurJaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 7299
UdaipurJaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 5699
UdaipurJaisalmerAC SedanOne WayRs. 8899
UdaipurJaisalmerAC SUVOne WayRs. 10999
UdaipurJodhpurAC SedanOne WayRs. 4599
UdaipurJodhpurAC SUVOne WayRs. 5599
UdaipurKumbalgarhAC SedanOne WayRs. 2999
UdaipurKumbalgarhAC SUVOne WayRs. 3399
UdaipurMount-AbuAC SedanOne WayRs. 4299
UdaipurMount-AbuAC SUVOne WayRs. 5299
UdaipurMumbaiAC SedanOne WayRs. 16499
UdaipurMumbaiAC SUVOne WayRs. 21999
UdaipurNathdwaraAC SedanOne WayRs. 1999
UdaipurNathdwaraAC SUVOne WayRs. 2699
UdaipurSuratAC SedanOne WayRs. 8499
UdaipurSuratAC SUVOne WayRs. 9999
UdaipurUdaipur AirportAC SUVOne WayRs. 1999
UdaipurVadodaraAC SUVOne WayRs. 7999
UdaipurVadodaraAC HatchbackOne WayRs. 4599
UdaipurVadodaraAC SedanOne WayRs. 4799
UdaipurVadodaraAC MUVOne WayRs. 5799
UdaipurVadodaraAC SedanOne WayRs. 4899

Udaipur Airport

Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
Udaipur AirportAhmedabadAC SedanOne WayRs. 4699
Udaipur AirportAhmedabadAC SUVOne WayRs. 5999
Udaipur AirportBhilwaraAC SUVOne WayRs. 4899
Udaipur AirportBhilwaraAC SedanOne WayRs. 3699
Udaipur AirportJodhpurAC SedanOne WayRs. 4899
Udaipur AirportJodhpurAC SUVOne WayRs. 5999
Udaipur AirportKumbalgarhAC SedanOne WayRs. 3499
Udaipur AirportKumbalgarhAC SUVOne WayRs. 4499
Udaipur AirportMount-AbuAC SedanOne WayRs. 4599
Udaipur AirportMount-AbuAC SUVOne WayRs. 5799
Udaipur AirportNathdwaraAC SUVOne WayRs. 3699
Udaipur AirportUdaipurAC SedanOne WayRs. 1199
Udaipur AirportUdaipurAC SUVOne WayRs. 1999


Pickup CityDrop CityCarTrip TypeFare (INR)
--AC SedanOne WayRs. 00
--AC SUVOne WayRs. 00
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